So it’s been too long since I’ve updated this thing. I have been so busy and got so much done. I’m excited about where this is heading. I’m going to upload some pictures and explain from there.

So I built this thing, it’s some combination of NFT(nutrient film technique) hydroponics and some kind of DWC(deep water culture). Essentially I have a 55 gallon barrel that’s buried halfway into the ground and a nutrient solution circulating through the entire system. First impressions are that It’s amazing. In a 6′ X 10′ footprint I have room for 200 plants. The bok choy went from transplant to harvest in less than a month and I’m still pruning back and harvesting the basil. The first major basil pruning amounted to over 2 pounds of basil! That was just in 3 weeks of time in the tower. I have been so impressed with this tower that I have planted it out in all strawberries, save one pipe and I’m in the process of building 2 more for herbs and greens. If the strawberries do well then I’ll probably expand that some more. Why would I want to many basil plants or so many of any kind of plants? Well, I’m zeroing in on actually turning this hobby into a profitable venture. I’m a long way from turning a profit but I’ve checked out many of the local grocery stores and fresh basil is selling at really high prices and the quality is always pretty crappy. Hopefully with a full compliment of herbs I’ll be able to inject myself into the local food scene and start selling really high quality herbs. Did I mention how fantastic this basil smells and tastes, hydroponics might not be the best way to grow everything but for the high value per ounce crops like herbs I think it’s the ticket! I’ve got some more wild plans in the future which I’ll keep posted here. Hopefully on a timely basis now that things have settled down and I’m actually ahead on my projects.

I’m interested in sharing what I’ve found in my build process of this contraption but I know this site is barely checked at the moment so I’m not going to go into too much detail yet.