Seed Starting Time!!!

The tinkerer in me really loves seed starting time.  As a bachelor I can freely bring the rack into my front room and all the necessary lights, timers, cords, heating mats and whatever other fun gizmo I have packed away.  I usually start seeds too early just because I get antsy but this year I’m going to hold off a bit.  I just want to get some strong plants started that can go into the ground before they get too spindly from sitting inside and just the overall hassle it is to deal with potting and repotting if the plant gets too large.  I have acquired quite a collection of seeds and I’m sure some won’t germinated but I’m not dependent on them so I’m going to try to use these old seeds before buying anything new.  Those prices add up!  I’ll be using two T5 HO light fixtures with 4 bulbs each.  They put out some serious light!  Sometimes I wonder what passersby think when they see such a bright light in the window.  I think this year I’m going to cut back on how many varieties I try(especially tomatoes) and focus on getting a useable amount to ripen at the same time.  That’s what’s held me back from canning in the past.  I bought a fancy All American canner and collected plenty of jars from garage sales but when your stuff ripens at such different times it’s difficult to get enough to make running the big canner worth it.  Like I said in a past post, this year I plan on building a massive dehydrator, possible solar powered.  Just putting trays of things in as they become ripe will be easier and making things like tomato sauce will be just as easy with tomato powder and other dried ingredients.  Also work better for my boat trips, having a large variety of “just add water” recipes will be so convenient in my little galley.  Anybody that reads this and has any killer dehydrator plans or awesome dried food recipes I’m all ears!

Also, tell me what you think of the new logo.