Hello Interwebs

Hello urban farmers, this is my first blog post and I’m excited about keeping track of my success and failures as I really dive into the prospect of making my yard more productive!  I live in a small city in Illinois and I happen to live on a street named Interurban, so that’s where the name for this little project comes from,  Interurban Farm just seemed fitting.  I’ve had a garden in the past and it has been successful but the current situation with our new administration has just left me uneasy so my plan has been to take more control of my life and regardless of who is in office I’ll be in a better place.  This won’t be in any way a political blog because I’m sure there are folks on both sides of the aisle that have this same goal.  So while we’re here, we’ll forget about the he said, she said and focus on doing what we can to get more control and more freedom for our own lives!  Thanks for reading this, lot’s of fun projects to come.  Maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse but before I get elbows deep in dirt and weeds I want to get a very large scale dehydrator built.  Dehydrated foods have very little energy embodied in them as opposed to canning or even freezing.  The more I can dry, the better.  If anyone has any hints or tips, send them my way!