First day of planting!

Well I’m a few weeks off from looking like this but bare dirt isn’t even fun to look at.  Tried some companion planting today and planted out 3 beds after I topped them off with some compost.  Planted something like 300 onions and a bed of radishes, beets and carrots.  Cleaned out all my old seeds so hopefully the germinate!  I covered the carrots with some old signs to keep the soil from drying.  I never get the best luck with carrots but hopefully this might work better! My sprouts inside are coming right along and I’ll be ready to get them planted outside soon! I think I’m going to experiment with some hydroponics this year. I really want to get a killer batch of tomatoes to dehydrate or do something with.  I really want to try to get a bunch of dehydrated soups or sauces for next years sailing trips!  Raised beds certainly make the job a bit easier.  Not as much bending over.  I still might put some big plants into the ground but I’ve got a big pile of cedar I need to pick up to turn into some more raised beds. More food and less grass!